Study Materials

2021 Words of the Champions – Contains all the words for each level Bee

Word Club – IOS | Word Club – Android – Word Club used to be browser-based but has since moved to exclusivity on mobile devices. I haven’t looked much into it but if it’s the same as how it was on the browser, it’s a must-have. Dr. Bailly, the pronouncer at the National Bee, pronounces all the words – so you get a professional pronunciation. No more of your parents messing up the words!

The Word Explorer – Tara, a friend of RiseToBee, made a site where she explores words, their roots, and whatnot. It’s a great resource.

Prefix/Suffix Dictionary – Obviously, we expect you to memorize 59 pages of prefixes and suffixes. In all seriousness, just check it out and scan through a couple pages sometimes! Who knows, maybe when you’re at your bee you’ll remember one of the stems you read while sitting on the toilet.

Spell It! – Spell It! was the old list for regional bees between 2007-2019.. it could be a great resource for you’re looking to learn more words.

Paideia – The Paideia is the list that Scripps used before Spell It! We just list this as an extra resource.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary – If you have an eidetic memory, this one just might be for you!


WoW by Scott Remer – A must-have for anyone looking to make it deep in the Spelling Bee. This book is a common theme with National Spelling Bee finalists. Cost: $50 (for 20,000 words)

Hexco’s different Word Lists – You really can’t lose by choosing any of them. They’re all great lists that will prepare you for the NSB. Cost: Various (highest is $175 for 18,000 words)

SpellPundit – SpellPundit is an online testing website with thousands of words for you to spell. I’d definitely recommend it. Like I said earlier, Word Club was huge for me when it came to the Regional Bee. This is basically a Word Club for the National Spelling Bee. Cost: Not known