Martius Bautista

Name: Martius Bautista

Why did you start spelling? I started spelling because at a young age, my father loved the idea of his son winning the spelling bee.

Which Scripps bees did you participate in? I participated from I think 2015-2018.

What was/were your losing word(s)? I didn’t have any losing words… just the prelims (missed score cutoff on test).

How did you calm your nerves while participating? I loved to listen to music in my head… it keeps me calm thinking about my favorite song, just going through the beat.

How did you study? The dictionary. Just the dictionary, and of course the lists they gave us.

Did you enjoy your time at the Bee Week(s), if so what did you enjoy the most? The parties were the best, and meeting my best friends, Adom and Bekah. They made me not feel alone in the spelling world and I’ll never forget the time when Adom and I raced in the hotel.

If any, what advice would you give to aspiring spellers? The spelling bee isn’t your whole life, so just make it fun and enjoyable for the great 4-5 years of your life… and make sure to make friends when you’re at the National Spelling Bee

Martius leads the Running Man Challenge
Martius participated four times!