Free Educational Resources

Khan Academy – Khan Academy is simply the best Educational Resource around. With free information for almost every subject, nothing rivals it. Start a Khan Academy account today and start learning! – Obviously it isn’t spelling but the field of computer science is on the rise! Start coding today… computer science majors and what not make a LOT.

Overdrive – Most of the time Overdrive is partnered with either your local library or school district. It’s like an online library – not all books are available and you can perform holds on books. I definitely recommend this one.

Wattpad – Wattpad’s a two-headed lion. If you like writing, go ahead and have some fun! If you like reading, go ahead and read some books from normal people around the world, not some established authors.

IXL – IXL’s like Khan Academy in the manner that they encompass pretty much all educational topics. However, some parts of IXL are paid for whereas all of Khan Academy is free.

Oxford Owl E-Book library – This e-book library is for really, really, really, young kids (3-11). There’s a lot so look into it!