Ethan Ayersman

Name: Ethan Ayersman

Why did you start spelling? I started spelling because it was a fun new experience that I wanted to try, and I wanted to challenge myself.

Which Scripps bees did you participate in? I participated in the 2018 National Spelling Bee.

What was/were your losing word(s)? My losing word was friezing.

Did you enjoy your time at the Bee Week(s), if so what did you enjoy the most? I did enjoy the bee, and I think my favorite part was either the picnic or the actual bee itself; it’s a tough choice both were incredibly fun

If any, what advice would you give to aspiring spellers? And lastly, my advice is to study hard, have family members quiz you on words from the list, study roots and how different languages spell things, and most importantly, have fun

Ethan participated in the 2018 National Spelling Bee