Dina Miranda

Name: Dina Miranda

Why did you start spelling? I started spelling at first because it would be a great way to improve vocabulary and English skills in general.

Which Scripps bees did you participate in? I participated in 2018 and 2019.

What was/were your losing word(s)? My losing word in 2018 was orans (semifinals, I tied for 19th); I didn’t have a losing word in 2019 b/c I got eliminated by the written test :(.

How did you calm your nerves while participating? A strategy I used to calm my nerves was to go over all the little tips and tricks I had learned while studying. It helped me focus my mind in on the situation at hand and distracted me from what was going on on stage.

How did you study? I studied by researching roots and patterns. I also used WoW by Scott Remer and many of Scripps’ past resources. I also used Hexco to review many words that were better to memorize rather than to decipher a pattern from.

Did you enjoy your time at the Bee Week(s), if so what did you enjoy the most? I really enjoyed my time at Bee Week! My favorite part was definitely meeting friends from all across the nation.

If any, what advice would you give to aspiring spellers? I would give aspiring spellers advice to stay cool and collected on stage and everywhere in their lives, and to not worry about what others are doing. I would also give advice to stay in your own lane, because everyone’s needs and goals are different and focusing on others’ ambitions will lead you astray from your own. With this being said, though, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Also, staying focused on stage was essential to me not having a nervous breakdown on TV, lol. I also use these same strategies when in difficult and new situations, and it’s helped a ton.

Dina at the mic as she spells her word
Mock writing is a very good practice for spelling!