Coaching Programs

Although we don’t offer any Coaching Programs, we’re going to direct you to the many different coaching programs out there. I know for sure that when we participated in respective our spelling bees, we had no idea what different programs were out there.

Cole Schafer-Ray’s Coaching Program – Cole’s a former National Spelling Bee participant who placed very high so rest assured, you can’t lose with him. As he details on his site, his students have shown recognizable improvement after undertaking his program. When you do, you also get his specialized “Master List” consisting of 90,000 words that have appeared on 97% of NSBs since 2009. Cost: $130/hr

Grace Walters’ Coaching Program – Grace Walters burst onto the scene in 2017. Then, her pupil the next year, Karthik Nemmani, won the NSB. And then three out of the eight “octo-champs” were coached by her. If you go with Grace, you’re going to get nothing. but. quality. Cost: $?/hr

Scott Remer’s Coaching Program – Scott has had one of his students win the NSB – he also had many runner-ups and third places and what not. Many finalists also credit his book for their performance. Cost: $?/hr

Hexco’s Coaching Program – Personally, when I did Hexco’s Coaching Program I didn’t feel like it was very beneficial to me but who knows! It might just be for you. Cost: about $215/hour

Dr. Isaac’s Coaching Program – Dr. Isaac is a former NSB (1989) winner. His most famous pupil – Vanya Shivashankar – won the 2015 NSB. Although, it seems his focus is shifting towards local bees. Cost: $100/hr

Siyona Mishra’s Coaching Program – Siyona is a former NSB participant. Most recently, she had a student (Christopher Serrao) become one of the octo-champs. Cost: $?/hr

NorthSouth’s Coaching Program – Like many other programs, this program has former NSB finalists as coaches. I don’t know much about but you might want to give it a try! Cost: $?/hr

Sylvie Lamontagne’s Coaching Program – Sylvie is a former NSB participant who placed very highly the two times she was there. Unlike the many other programs, the cost is can be up for discussion. Cost: Subject to change